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62nd anniversary CELEBRATIONS special project

Until we got to Aggrey computers and the internet were a mystery to us. Thus on landing at the shores of 'computer land', as we prefer to call our school because of her prowess in the IT world, we decided to make hay whilst the sun shined.

We are a group of girls in the form two science class. We got introduced to basic computer skills in form one and have been benefiting from the school's compute/Internet center set up by the school with the help of Schools on line and World Links - Ghana.

When we heard of plans by the school to celebrate her 62nd anniversary, we

decided to come together to exhibit the skills we have acquired in the school by way of computer and Internet usage

sing the computers and Internet facilities in the school, we researched into the use of solar energy to power simple household appliances and also how F. M. stations operate.

With the help of our teacher, Mr George Koomson and the school's World Link Coordinators, we were able to realise our dreams and to take part in the 62nd anniversary celebrations exhibition.

it's research time using the internet at the computer lab
trying out the solar powered lawn mower which won an award at the Inter District Science Fair
the solar powered lawn mower
the girls at work on the local F.M. station
building the solar water heater & the finished product