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Mr Emmanuel Godwyle Biney
1925 - 2002 (76 years)


Name: Emmanuel Godwyle Biney ( Kofi Eduah)

Date of birth:20th November 1925

Died: 20th May 2002

Cause of death: a prolonged sickness (6 years)

Age : 76 years

Wife: Mrs Mary Ida Biney

Children (5) Alan, David, Evelyn, Juliana, Oscar

No. of Grand children: 10

Father & Mother: Mr Charles Augustus Biney & Mrs Victoria Biney

Religion: Methodist

Methodist Elementary School - Cape Coast (primary education)
Mfanstipim School - Cape Coast (secondary education) University of Manchester - Manchester (B A Hons English & Music)
Manchester Royal College of Music - Manchester (Diploma in music)
London Universty - London (Post Graduate Diploma in Education)

Positions held
Teacher: Ealing Grammer School - London (1950)
Teacher: Mfanstipim School - Cape Coast (1950 - 1952) Teacher and Headmaster: Aggrey Mem A M E Zion Sec Sch - Cape Coast (1952 - 1974)
Director Ghana Education Service: Western Region (1974 - 1976) Greater Accra Region (1976 - 1983)
Ghana Education Service: Director of Inspectorate Division (1976)

Other positions
President British Council Group (Cape Coast branch) General Secretary of Mfantsipim School Old Boys Association (MOBA)
Member of Education Committee of the Christian Council: Member of Central Regional Committee of the Arts Council of Ghana
Member of Central Regional Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools

Developmental projects he carried out at Aggrey
Main School Block Science Laboratory
The first two storey boys dormitory
Dining hall
Some staff bungalows
Work on girls' dormitory begins

Hobbies: music & the playing of the organ


(alias Kofi Biney / Uncle Fifi)

Kofi Biney is no more! He has left his earthly casket and Like a caged bird that has been freed Has gone back to his maker and source His life was gentle and the elements so mirrored in him that Nature might stand up and say; this was a man

What sort of a man was Emmanuel Godwyle Kofi Biney? In appearance he was handsome, of average height always neat and well-groomed. He was fluent of speech, soft-spoken, gentle and well mannered, in short a gentleman to his finger tips. He was a highly principled person with a quiet stubbornness, which supported his convictions. Born into a Christian family, he remained close to his Church, the Methodist Church. (biography)

You were a husband in the true sense. A loving companion, a good help mate and most of all the head of my entire family. You embraced all those related to me and not only by blood. (wife)

Daddy was a beloved Headmaster and a great Administrator. He was a father to every student, and that was what he loved most - taking care of everybody. In spite of his busy schedule, he still made sure he gave us the best attention that every child deserved and desired. (children)

Kofi Biney, your trail of good works in education will forever remain exemplary and worthy of emulation; and for your contribution, the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of education on behalf of the Government and people of Ghana, salute you. (ghana education service)

A simple man as his name Kofi Biney depicts, he was soft spoken and never raised his voice with anyone. A gentleman par excellence who spoke in measured tone and careful choice of words, very mindful not to hurt one's sensibilities. His dress sense was impeccable as he was always very neatly dressed in the right colou5r combination, most of the time, in short sleeve shirt tucked into a pair of well pressed trousers. Conscientiously, Kofi was setting the right example for his students to emulate. Kofi's great achievements lay in his ability to attain targets he set for himself. Indeed a very advanced stage of what is to-day Aggrey Memorial A M E Zion Sec Sch was built through Kofi's determined and tireless effort. (amosa)

One thousand two hundred students and forty-one students (1,241) students passed through the school during his headship. These past students are always quick to proclaim that they owe their public standing to the fatherly care and direction of Mr Kofi Biney. Aggrey Memorial A M E Zion Sec Sch is 62 years old and has had five headmasters during the period. It is worthy to note that the late Kofi Biney alone occupied twenty-two (22) years of the period. During his headship he turned the fortunes of the school around, academically and otherwise, and by the time of his leaving in 1974 he had led it to the door of success. Through his untiring efforts, dedication and zeal, the school grew from strength to strength, and obtained physical structures that provided conducive academic work. (the school)

We think of parting- let us think of meeting, We think of going away - let us think of arriving, And as the voice of death whispers You must go from Earth Let us hear the voice of Christ saying You are but coming to me

May His Soul Rest In Perfect Peace