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src report

All to soon it's time for another stock taking in the life of this great school. It has been sixty-two years since the first student entered the gates of this school.

The school as it stands today is as a direct result of the good work done by all those who have gone before us. Expectations were very high, both from the students and the administration, when other prefects and I were inducted into office in July 2001. I must admit that the process of electing prefects in this school does not only help us appreciate the under-pinnings of democracy but it also prepares us to ride on the wind of democracy blowing all over the country.

The following is a brief report on the state of affairs in the school for the period ending 9th March 2002. The school authorities including the non-teaching staff, led by the Headmaster have channeled all their efforts towards making life worthwhile for students of this school.

A flame of joy embraced students of Aggrey when the 2001SSCE results were released. With the school authorities having put in place what is needed for quality academic work to take place, we expected better result sill this year.

Touching on discipline, I will say that we have done a remarkable. This has been achieved through regular interactions between the Boarding Council and the student body. The level of discipline in the school is quite rare in many mixed schools.

The school's neat environment and clean sanitary conditions are issues worth commenting on. In spite of the school's large population, there has not been any out break of an epidemic in the school, indicative of the high environmental consciousness created among the students. No doubt we received an award for being the best environmental conscious school in the region. The 2001/2002 academic year can proudly boast of a strong Student Representative Council (S.R.C.). It has ensured that all students enjoy their rights. The S.R.C has contributed to the planting of trees on campus to stop erosion.

There seems to be a new spirit of positive old boyism prevailing on campus now. Old students now feel proud to call the school their own. This spirit has given birth to a number of annual AMOSA tertiary congresses and an AMOSA National Congresses. We thank the AMOSA groups who donated computers to the school. We also thank the AMOSA 1977 group for sponsoring this year's anniversary.

Through the conscious effort of the students and the school chaplaincy board, the school has purchased new choir robes. The School Chaplain had to look for money to pre-finance the sewing of the robes and currently has a huge debt to settle.

Our sports boys and girls put up a very impressive performance during the year. The climax was when the school football team, in the 2001 Valco tournament lifting the national trophy. Our sincere gratitude goes to the P.E masters, Mr. Bright Oppong and Mr. Arthur Norman for their hard work. The SRC report for the year would not be complete if I don't talk about the school's prestigious computer awareness programme and computerization project.

The school can boast of a well structured IT timetable which enables every student of the school to have instructions in basic computer skills. We have gone beyond mere acquiring of computer skills to the point where we apply the skills we learn to our everyday lives. Students use the school's Internet facilities as a second library for research work, are engaged on tele-collaborative projects with other students from all over the world. On weekends they communicate with their friends and relatives all over the world for free by e-mail. The school has started a computer outreach programme for basic schools in the locality of the school as its contribution towards promoting IT skills among the Ghanaian youth.

Though what has been said so far indicates that things are on course still a lot more needs to be done to make life better still. We cry for more staff bungalows to house the school's teaching and non -teaching staff. Our library is too small for our number. The situation is really critical. The school's computer laboratory cannot accommodate the large population of students whilst the number of computers is rather too small. Internet connectivity still remains a problem.

In conclusion, I will like to remind us all that we belong to a great school. Let us all put our shoulders to the wheel and roll it as far as we can forever chanting our motto,