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AMOSA NEWS (LATEST) The annual Amosa Tertiary Institutions Congress was held from the 31st May to 2nd June 2002at the assembly hall. The congress brought together over 200 old students in the countries Universities and Polytechnics. In an address, the chairperson of the occasion, Nana Ama Ayensua Saara III, Denkyirahemaa (Amosa 86) praised the effort of the old boys and expressed the wish that the reorganization of Amosa will embrace all old students. Other speakers include, Mr. Percy Duker,Amosa national organizer and Mr. Andrew Ofosu-Dankyi. The congress was crowned off with a dinner on Saturday 1st June. Congratulations to Amosa UCC for hosting it.

TAKORADI AMOSA The Western Region branch of AMOSA has been rejuvenated. The branch is under the initiative of Mr. P.C.Fynn and Mr. Gabby Sey.The annual get-together comes off on the 23 February 2002.
POSITIVE CHANGE !! For the first time in the History of Aggrey School, the old students have taken up the sponsorship of the Speech and Prize Giving Day. The package is estimated to run into several millions of cedis. It is hoped that other generous AMOSA'S will come to the Aid of the school. However small your contribution, it is welcomed. Call Andy 024-637135 or Sammy 024-642207 for areas you want to help in the school. Your contribution will be duely acknowledged and properly managed.

CAR STICKERS The Amosa Resource center has designed and published a NEW CAR STICKER. It will be sold on the 9th of March during the Speech Day. Make sure you pick one on that day. It is small in size and quite bright in appearance, you'll just love it.